How long until I receive my order?

Since we are shipping live plants we only ship on Tuesdays to ensure that packages will arrive before the weekend.  Shipping time usually takes 2-3 days depending on distance.

How can I contact Pinelands Direct?

If you have any questions feel free to email help@pinelandsdirect.com.  Write to us with your questions, comments or concerns.  Make sure to leave your name and preferred method of contact so we can get back to you in a timely manner.

Do you have a garden center I can visit?

As of right now we are only based online.  We plan on offering open houses in the future so stay posted for those updates.

Can I request something that is not listed?

We are always open to suggestions on what to carry.  If there is something you want that you don't see on our site, shoot an email to sales@pinelandsdirect.com and we'll see if we can get it for you.

What I want isn't currently in stock.  When can I expect it back in stock?

In the nursery industry some products take longer to grow than others.  On out of stock products we try to list a ready date so our customers have an idea when their favorite native plants become available.  While we are getting the site up and running there may be some oversights and we will notify you if a product you order is actually out of stock.

What is Wetland Indicator Status?

Wetland Indicator Status is a way of determining the likelihood that a plant will be found in a wetland.  

The grades used are:
OBL - Obligate (a plant that is only found in a wetland)
FACW -Facilitative Wetland (A plant that is found most often in a wetland)
FAC - Facilitative (a plant that is found in both wetlands and uplands)
FACU - Facilitative Upland (a plant that is found mostly in upland areas)
UPL - Upland (a plant that is only found in upland habitat)

Look for these Wetland Indicator Statuses on our product pages when determining if a plant is usable for your site.